Start a Soap Business through Giving

How Did I Start My Soap Business?

When taking a look at several of my YouTube videos I started to reflect on how I started selling soap as a business. I’m very fortunate that much if not all of my journey has been captured on Live Streaming. There was a pivotal moment when I first began…Before I knew it was a business, before I believed anyone would buy what I made, before I even considered putting a price tag on my soap. I GAVE.
  • I gave the product away.
  • I gave my time.
  • I gave of myself on live streams.

This gave people an opportunity to get to know me and grow with me.

In this live stream. I share a moment in my journey where the act of giving translated into the first of two large orders (at the time I had not sold a bar). Before I had a website, business card or packaging, I was selling soap by the loaves. As I watched this video this was the moment I realized that it could actually be a soap business with paying customers.

Here’s the short version of how I got started selling soap

In my spare time I made natural soap and I had given some away to coworkers and friends (Interestingly this is how many soap makers get started). Around Memorial Day we had a corporate event. I figured, I had this soap I might as well just give it to my co-workers as I was stockpiling all loaves at this point.
A few months later the company was planning an employee wellness event and the person who was in charge of it remembered the soap I had given her. She asked if I could create some giveaway baskets and GET THIS…they were going to pay me for it! But that’s not where the story ends. 
A person who was given one of the bars from the employee wellness event emailed me and said “I absolutely love your soap I am a vendor and I would love to sell your soap as part of the things that I offer to my customers”. She thought it was extremely creative and unique.

Is Soap Making Creative?

My whole definition of creativity has been that you have to know how to draw in order to be creative. I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life however by making soap I found it to be very very therapeutic and I rediscovered my creativity.

One Act of Giving Created A Ripple Effect

Giving out free soap at a corporate event turned into 2 very lucrative opportunities before I was even in business. It all started with giving. Me giving and someone else giving created two large orders for a budding entrepreneur. The rest is history.

Lesson Learned

I’m not advocating that you give it all away because there will always be people in this world that will take advantage of your kindness. Some people will take, take, take until there is nothing left to give. Trust your instincts and intuition here. You also have to be mindful of your own intentions. What I mean by this is you must give with no expectation of anything in return and allow Karma to take care of the rest. Once you are true in your intentions the world kind of has a way of aligning the stars and allowing you to flourish.
Until Next Time.

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