How to Make and Sell Soap - Answers to the Top 50 Questions

Book 4 in the New Soap Makers Cookbook Series

Author : Zakia Ringgold


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Why this book?

What's Inside

Get the answers to the top questions to start making and selling soap inside this book. You know that you need to exercise soap safety when making soap from scratch but… What do all those soap terms mean? How can you avoid or fix those problematic soap batches? How do you know if your soap is safe to use? Should you sell online or in person? Should you setup a website or an online store? Quickly get answers and advice to these and the top 50 most common soap questions. There is even a section devoted to getting started with selling your handmade soap. It’s all delivered in a concise easy to follow format without all of the fluff. If you are just getting started, jump start your soap making journey with How to Make and Sell Soap - Answers to the Top 50 Questions.